Monday, October 20, 2014

Madelon Says Use These Fun Finds and Combine What You Have For Last Minute Doll Costumes

Madelon reminds us today that often for last minute Halloween Costumes you can look in your doll play collection and often come up with some fun ideas.
Madelon thought about using some dolly dance costumes as a Halloween costume idea.
 Pair your costume with a dolly sized treat bag or pumpkin and you have a ready made Halloween Costume!

Madelon found some other great dolly sized Halloween wears at her local Target, 6 of these little pots for $1 is a really great find and these can be used year round!
"Walmart made this My Life As outfit just right for a Halloween costume! The shiny material reminds me of traditional flame retardant fabric." Says Madelon! I love the color!
Madelon bought this baby sized Pumpkin Ballerina Ball Gown and found it is a wonderful dolly costume! Target often has great sales on baby items that you can re-purpose for your dolls! 
Use hair items as accessories for your dolls!

The ruff of the clown costume works great on this horse!
Keep your eyes out for fun outfit you can use as Halloween Costumes just like Madelon has! Thank you Madelon for all these fun photos and ideas .
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Pattern From Chris Lucas For Smaller Dolls!

A few months ago I introduced you to a friend of mine in Australia Chris Lucas. She is an amazing crafter, doll lover and now pattern designer!
Chris has just published her new pattern for Cute & Casual Separates. This pattern is offered at $5.00 and includes a bonus dress pattern.  This pattern is for the smaller dolls such as Hearts 4 Hearts and Les Cheries! 
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

New From Springfield Doll Collection!

There is so many new must have outfits in Springfield Collection's On line Shop and I am so pleased to review some of the new outfits for you. The above outfit is put together of the new White Denim Jacket and scarf set, the new Peace Sweatshirt and Jean Shorts and the new high top runners!

I was send a few of the wonderful new outfits to review by my friends at Springfield Dolls and I am so very impressed with the new line!

In the photo above my Springfield Doll Madison is wearing the new Asymmetrical Outfit offered in the on line store for  $11.99. This outfit is super soft and so easy to get on. Young doll lovers and tween alike will really enjoy this set! Click here for outfit listing.
I have been a customer of Springfield Doll Collection for years and one of the things that drew me to their collection in the first place is the price and accessibility for doll lovers. You can purchase Springfield Doll items in your local Michael's Store here in Canada or in your Micheals, or Jo-Ann's Store in the USA and now it is even easier to order from Springfield's On line Store that now ships to Canada! I also love that man of their items are interchangeable and you can create great looks for your dolls and stay with in your budget.  Check out this great White Denim Jacket (and it comes with a scarf) $11.99 on line by clicking here

I am really thrilled with the new Party Dress. 
I love the color navy and it always looks good on all my dolls. The new Springfield Party Dress is perfect for Holiday parties and the photo doesn't do the shine and color justice!
Priced at $11.99 this dress will fit easily in your gift giving budget and looks great year round. I love how it looks dressed down with the white denim jacket!

The new multicolored glitter flats are perfect with any outfit this fall and priced at only $5.99 a pair!
So many wonderful new items in the Springfield Collection and I have to tell you there is even more for me to review so in the coming days you will see more posts about the new line and even a perhaps a give away! So stay tuned!
Check out the entire new Springfield line by clicking here

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Friday, October 17, 2014

2 Weeks To Halloween! 3 More Halloween Treats All Sugar Free!

Doughnuts are a special treat in my house and these Halloween ones are the perfect items to share with your 18 or 15 inch trick or treat-or this year! These are made by Katydidminiatures and 1/2 dozen are offered at $13.50 click here for shop and listing.

Looking to give the doll loving  trick or treat-or in your life something sweet but not sugary? Check out the Halloween Socks offered by LazyBThreads Etsy Shop. Offered at $2 these wonderful sugar free treats are the perfect solution to not handing out Candy to your doll lover! Click here for shop and listing.
Last but not least this Friday is another fun and sugar free option for Halloween, this Halloween Apron set is so much fun and not spooky at all, I wish it came in my size! Made by Donna Designed this is tops on my list! Click here for shop and listing.
 I look forward to sharing more Halloween posts with you next Friday!
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Start Your Own Sewing Adventure With Patterns from Peppermintsticks and Pixiefaire.

Peppermintstick's patterns available on Pixiefaire are a great way to get yourself or a doll lover in your life sewing. If you are a beginner check out the On-The Go Halter top pattern offered at $3.99 will help even the most novice of seamstresses build confidence in their abilities!
This easy On The Go Halter Top will look fantastic on your 18inch dolls and looks great with a skirt, pants or shorts and will get lots of year round doll play use! Not to mention it is a great stash busting pattern for those of you with mountains of fabric just waiting to be sewn!

If you are new to my blog you may not know this but I learned to sew with doll clothing patterns I purchased from Pixiefaire (Formally Liberty Jane) in 2010. I had flunked my sewing class in Grade 8 more then 20 years ago but when my mother passed away in 2010 I was determined to do something creative to help me with my grief and I pulled out my long forgotten sewing machine and began to teach myself to sew, giving the doll clothing I proudly made to my 5 nieces doll clothing for Christmas.
That determination turned in to the best creative journey of my life and a little more then three months after my mother passed away I started this blog. So if you are thinking about learning to sew, know that you too can pick it up at an age and learn to sew beautiful doll clothing for yourself, or the doll lover  in your life. The Step by Step photos really help the most nervous beginner gain confidence and You can also reach out to the designers on their Facebook pages if you get stuck!
Or you can email me and I can even try to walk you through it.
So what are you waiting for?  Get sewing and give Peppermintsticks Pattern's a try today.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beautiful Fall Colored Outfits From Avanna Girl

Avanna Girl's new T-shirt, ruffle skirt and blazer jacket features some of my most favorite fall colors.

I love the one button blazer over the long sleeve  t-shirt and multicolor ruffle skirt. This 3 piece set is offered in Avanna Girl's Etsy Shop for $40.00.  This outfit would look great on any 18 inch dolls skin tones as well.
Also on my radar is this made to order Dolly and Me Holiday outfit set. Adorable for the younger doll lover in your life and offered at $45! This is a great deal including both outfits for doll and daughter!
Click here for this listing. Order early to avoid disappointment!

I love this purple tunic and black leggings set. This is so fashion forward and exactly what my older nieces wear and are looking for for their dolls. This 2 piece set is offered at $18 and can be viewed by clicking here

Avanna Girl has some truly delightful items for your dolls and the doll lovers in your life. Visit their Etsy Shop by Clicking here.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Homegoods Doll Items Including AG's Retired Pets! A Madelon Fun Find

Madelon  messaged me that she found some wonderful Dolly Items at her local Homegoods Store.
she even found the Retired American Girl Pets! Meatloaf was only $14.99!
Coconut too!
 Honey was a nice surprise and Licorice too!

American Girl Doll Pets make wonderful gifts!

Madelon also noticed these wonderful dolly sized tables that were priced at $25
Madelon found them in two styles and too colors. I love both don't you?
Check out your local Homegoods and see what kinds of dolly items you can find at a great price just like Madelon!
Thank you Madelon for sharing these with us!
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