Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Get Your Craft On With Brandy- Dolly Unicorn Cakes!

This week Brandy has out done herself with this Unicorn themed dolly cake you will love!
Inspired by this cake, Brandy has got a tutorial for a doll sized stunner you won't want to miss!
Click here to visit Brandys Happy Home and see just what wonderful things you can make your dolls with her tutorials like this one! 

Thank you Brandy for such an inspiring tutorial!
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hitting the books with Karen The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls and a "Golliwogg"

Today I have a book for our older readers ages 12-17 (or 100+), actually there is just something so wonderful in a doll book that is more than 100 years old.
This is The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwogg....

Florence Kate Upton (1873-1922) was an American-born English cartoonist and author most famous for her Golliwogg series of children's books. At the age of 16 she obtained work as a professional illustrator. Numerous publications existed at this time, mainly as vehicles for advertising and light fiction of varying merit. Some of the same authors whose stories appeared in the magazines went on to employ Florence to illustrate their novels or books of short stories. In 1893 she began to sketch out ideas for a children's book, using 'penny wooden' dolls as her models. The first Golliwogg story was produced in 1894. The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls and a 'Golliwogg' was published for Christmas 1895. Through the years Florence and Bertha, her mother, collaborated on a total of thirteen Golliwogg adventures, the series ending as, over the years, cultural drift caused interest in the series to wane and Florence sought a career as a professional artist. The last of the Golliwogg books was published in 1909.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Mommy Monday Moment with Jenny

In our house, we have the line crosser of all line crossers.  Natalie is beyond our family clown, she is always looking to make her brother or sisters laugh at her. 

  Including me and her dad, I can't help but laugh at her.  We have wonderful kids, they are kind, gentle, and respectful with everyone.  They always help, they do what they are told, and they encourage each other.  From 1-years old to 14-years old, they are best of friends.

Back to Natalie, she is very much the same, but she must have one of those enlarged silly-crazy-goofy chromosome.  There are not many kids, during dinner, that put their French fry on top of the ranch dressing bottle, or drop a piece of pizza in her sister's glass, or ever so politely place her chewed up steak on her brother's plate because she is done, or even put her food on top of her head.  I can't get enough of her, we are in the middle of potty training this week.  For 2 ½ years old this kid is the best and I can't get enough of her innocent, humorous behavior.  I hope she stays silly, stubborn, and persistent in her life.

So, I finished the Tenney's band equipment.  I made the on-air sign, the amp, and microphone stand with the microphone.  The microphone itself came from a plastic kid tool clamp workbench set.  SHHHHH. Don't tell Nathan.  The mic stand is actually an old lamp base!  I know right - perfect!  The amp is made from a jewelry box drawer and some fabric to mimic Tenney's.  I think it came together nicely.

Lastly, look at these guys playing with the Rita Pita furniture.  I love it!  And yes that is an old school Cabbage Patch Doll "dabbing".  Now, Kaitlyn does have all her own furniture and house, but during this week they have been pulling stuff that I have in the shop to play with their dolls.

Enjoy the week readers, crafters, and friends.  Be kind, smile at strangers, not too long though, because they might think that it is weird.  Do a pay it forward in the Tim Horton's line.  Hug your kids extra tight and buy something you have always wanted - like that really cute NorthFace grey and plum colored hoodie at Dick's Sporting Goods (I so HAVE to go and get it), because you never know.  Be well??

Thank you Jenny! Learn more about what Jenny is creating by clicking here for her shop Rita Pita Boutique 
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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Yarn Craft Spectacular Suggested Dolly Fun! Bizzy Crochet Backpack for dolls and girls!

Today I found a crochet backpack pattern I hope you will enjoy making!

This is a great pattern for using up your yarn especially for the dolly size! This is a great pattern for those just starting out, or those wanting to make something fun for the young doll lover in their lives!
I found this one  on Bizzy Crochet! Click here for the pattern and website. 
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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Jessica T's Saturday Sewing Suggestions! Week 9- Make My Sleep Mask For Your Dolls!

I was so honored when Jessica T chose my Dolly Sleep Mask tutorial to share with you today.
It is hard for me to believe that I did this tutorial in 2011! Click here for the tutorial.

This is an easy and fun one you can even do for a sleep over craft or lootbag take home craft!
Thank you Jessica T for today's suggestion and choosing one of my own!
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Friday, August 18, 2017

Madelon's Fantastic Friday Finds! My Life As and Get Well Soon!

Madelon has found some great deals for us in the past at walmart and today she is showing me something I have not seen here in Canada.
This mini table and kitchen set is adorable!
These fit the My life As min dolls who are actually larger than the AG mini dolls and the Lori dolls but I think they are super cute! Not quite as big as the Wellies go.
I have seen these just start appearing at my local Walmart. I was there on Wednesday and they were just putting out the new dolls, and the fall items getting ready for the upcoming holiday gift giving season.  These are sweet as can be and if you can grab as much as you can to put away for the holidays and for birthday parties!
Madelon also made my day when she sent me these get well photos! I am still slowly recovering from a really aggressive pneumonia and not at my usual speed! I love this balloon and her newest doll! Anyone else pick her up on the pre sale?
Madelon also has this sweet Wellie Wisher, who I love to pieces!
Thank you all for your well wishes and for all these great finds Madleon!
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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Adorable Etsy Finds- Fall Themed Looks

Only a few weeks left of summer and my favorite season fast approaches. Today's adorable etsy finds are inspired by fall.
The leaves are starting to fall here in my yard and before everything turns to pumpkin spice, I am sharing the Autumn Fun Outfit you can sew for your dolls from Tea Time Fabric Panels. Click here for the link to this easy to sew yourself kit! Only $22! 

I love the soft colors and cozy material used in this fall outfit by Jenettes18Dollitems click here for shop and listing. 
One of my favorite parts of fall is getting back into my jeans and sweaters! Check out this pair in MaddiesGirls Etsy Shop! I love the details! 

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