Friday, March 6, 2015

A Dolly World Visit With Grace of Felicia's Kitchen

Today I am thrilled to bring you another Canadian Doll Lover, Food designer and Fantastic Aunty ! Grace of Felicia's Kitchen share with us a behind the scenes look at her dolls, her passion and her Etsy shop.

Tell us about yourself Grace...

"My name is Grace and I am a self-confessed American Girl enthusiast! Our AG journey started in July of 
2014 and from then it has exploded.This AG journey was helped with the creative team at Doll Diaries and Karen’s Mom of Three blog. I love these blogs. I learned that I could do most everything with stuff around the house!I only have a niece that I spoil terribly and my creativeness came out with her requests for different types of doll food. My refusal to spend money on something I was so sure I could make is how I got started making my doll food. It started with a corn-dog, then donuts, then we are now on to full sized cakes, burger, tacos and spaghetti! "

"Last week – the request was for carnival themed food… thinking Tiny Tom’s sugared donuts, large pretzels amongst other things.
 What dolls do you have?
"We currently have two dolls Felicia (MyAG #47) and Isabelle. The name of my ETSY store is Feliciaskitchen as everything in there is a request from Felicia!"

 Any plans to add to your doll family?
" We are going to be getting Grace Thomas for my birthday in May and I am going to be doing a full line of French patisserie items!"

What is your favorite thing to do with your nieces?
"My favorite things to do with my niece and our little friends is when we craft and make stuff for the dolls; whether it’s to renovate the doll house or to make something small. I love creating! I also love to play in our bakery. I also truly enjoy seeing my niece’s creativeness come out!"
 What is the best part of sharing doll play with your nieces?
"The best part about sharing my love of AG with my niece is that we share special memories together."

 You can find out more about Grace and Felicia's kitchen below:
Find Grace's & Felicia's  Shop news on Facebook by clicking here 

Shop Felicia's Kitchen Etsy shop by clicking here 
Thank you to Grace and Felicia for sharing their story with us today! 
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Oodles of Horses Still Avalible On The Book Depository.

Do you have a horse and doll lover? One of the things I think American Girl does well is highlighting that love of horses and creating items for their dolls and product line. Growing up I always wanted a horse. I loved My Little Pony (still do) and my niece Trinity is the same. I love this book Oodles of Horses, that American Girl put out in 2010 and it is the perfect activity book and gift for the horse and doll lover in your life. I have had a hard time finding it in store recently but I know The Book Depository has it.  Click here to learn more about this title avalible on The Book Depository..

Journey Girl Riding Outfit Review By Madelon

Madelon sent in her photos of her Journey Girl Riding Outfit. "This outfit works well on very skinny dolls. It was made for Journey Girl."

"It consists of Polo style shirt, Riding Pants, Boots and a bag"
I love this photo of Saige's horse!
Madelon also found these fantastic doll sized Apples at her dollar store
They fit perfectly in the bag!
If you have a Journey Girl or a slimmer doll this is great outfit!
Thank you Madelon for sharing your review, fun find and photos with us today!
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Great New Dance Outfits At American Girl!

I just got an email about the Time to twirl promotion over at the American Girl Website. I love the red outfit! Actually I am thrilled to see all the new items for Spring.
I like the way this set has been revamped. Click here to view the American Girl Website and this set.$62 Gets you everything you see here but the dolls. Love the hair accessories!
What really caught my eye was this $34 Sparkly Jazz Outfit. I think it is one of their best yet!
Click here to view this on the American Girl Website.

I love dance and am thrilled to see these additions to the American Girl Line up.
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On Facebook? Check Out This Group! Miss M Doll Talk

One of the things I love most about Facebook is you can find or be added to groups of like minded creative people like I have found in Miss M Doll talk. A few months ago I was added to this group containing some very talented doll lovers. I asked Rhonda who does not at this time have a blog or website if I may share this kitchen craft with you. She agreed and I think you will love this fun and easy Inspired by life craft! Thank you Rhonda for sharing your ideas with the group and allowing me to share this craft with my readers. If you are on Facebook and would like to join Miss M Doll Talk please click here or email me for more information.
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Madelon's French Inspired Doll Dress

 Madelon shares with us a very quick dress craft that is brilliant! No sewing required!
"My no sew French-inspired dress. This was a onesie, the lining of a discarded dress and a sticker a few minutes ago."
" I bought this onsie on sale at target for $1.50,the stripes spoke French to me. "

"Just trimmed the bottom off, the sleeves and I used the lining of a discarded dress as a belt tie, then added a heart sticker!"
Thank you Madelon this is a great example of using what you have or re-purposing inexpensive items to create wonderful items for your dolls.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mini Doll Craft by Karen Mom of Three For St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday on Doll Diaries I shared my Mini Doll craft for a St. Patrick's Day doll hat. I love the mini dolls and Nellie sports the hat I made.
You can easily add to your mini doll play collection with east to make crafts like this one I did on Doll Diaries. Please click here for the Tutorial.
I hope you enjoy the mini dolls as much as I do!
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