Sunday, October 22, 2017

Cabbage Patch Doll Sunday - Etsy Looks For Baby and Preemie Dolls

Today we are featuring the smaller Preemie Cabbage Patch Dolls, Starting with this sweet set from mj3260 Etsy shop. This outfit caught  my eye right away and I hope you love it as much as I do. Click here for shop and listing.

Next is for a pattern for this sweet knit set! Click here to learn more about this pattern which is a pdf print out from erosgifts Etsy shop.

This listing is one of my most favorites from this series! Finding these was such a treat! One of the most Iconic things about these dolls are the shoes they come with! These fit the 14 inch dolls and you can find them listed in the scdolly Etsy shop by clicking here.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Blessedly Stressed Saturday with Jenny from The Rita Pita Boutique

You know my husband the wanna “bee” beekeeper.  Loving life, chasing after honey bees wherever he can get them.  It is ironic that he takes these massive hives from homes and trees, relocates them to his bee boxes out at our family pond, but we have this gigantic yellow jacket hive growing to the thousands inside the roof of our back porch.  I won’t complain too much as he is my doll table maker, bathtub cleaner, baby put-a-sleeper, ham soup maker, and best late-night movie friend...

Lauren is close to walking, I hope when I post next week the kid is cruising.  Her and Natty are adorable together.  I truly hope they are the best of friends all through life.  I can tell you I am over the ball pit and the 5 bags of ball I purchased for it last Christmas and the garbage bag of them I bought from a yard sale over the summer.  They are in a “ball pit” currently, but it is the ones that have the tunnel that can be connected to it. So, as you can imagine the ball pit has a big gapping whole – that we push against the wall, but Lauren dives into this thing and rolls around for minutes.  Yup and that’s it, that’s all it takes, balls everywhere.  The couch I am on right now, filled with colorful balls waiting to join their friends, but it is not happening tonight, they better find a slanty floor board and roll in, because this girl can’t bend over and clean up anything else.  I have picked up so many cherrios, pieces of toast, and wet cold broccoli today.  Suggestions for ball pits, besides blow up pools??

Lately, my 9th grade biology lessons and 6th grade ratios skills have been tested.  It doesn’t help that I have a 9th grader with zero motivation to study.  Well, perhaps, a loss of a phone on the line, if we don’t pass is enough to get her in gear.  This is a course that she is not feeling completely successful in and this quiz needs a passing grade or she may not be able to participate in cross country.  My husband and I have put in a lot of time, but we have decided that she is not contributing much effort in return – so reluctantly we’ve backed off

Fall time brings apple picking, apple picking and sampling brings bees, a lot of bees.  The game plan, when we apple picked this weekend, between Abby and myself was to pick apples FAST, so we could get out.  I am that girl that swats and is insanely paranoid.  I smack them off the kids.  I made then throw their bitten apples because bees were landing on them.  During this time Justin is trying to create this family memory, while I am running, slapping, throwing, to rid the bees.  Don’t let the pictures fool you – Myself and the older girls were over when we stepped out – because of the bees.  Last year we went to this farm and had a blast.  It has been super warm here and there were so many fallen bitten bruised apples the bees were EVERYWHERE.  I loved that Justin was acting as if thinks were A-OK, because clearly, we were being attacked.  Mind you, I suffered my first bee sting in 16 years while I was loading kids in the van before we left the house. 

Have you all seen the Our Generation animals?  The guinea pig, the bird, the turtle.  AHHH in love.  I need to get them for Kate.  Even though she has not been “playing” with her dolls, they still would be an adorable part for her collection.  They also have a super cute Canoe set.  Well my friends, stay safe, spread love, be kind, and continue to be creative.
Thank you Jenny! Learn more about what Jenny has been up to creatively by visiting her Rita Pita Boutique on Etsy by clicking here. 
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Friday, October 20, 2017

Cabbage Patch Kids In Time For The Holiday Rush

I remember my mother telling me about how all the moms in our neighborhood lined up before Christmas for the chance to get us Cabbage Patch Kids for Christmas in the 1980's and I still have and love mine! Madelon kindly sent me photos of the New Cabbage Patch kids, on store shelves now, boy have they sure changed but my excitement for them has not.
With their new hair and stylish outfits they are very different from the dolls I have, but they do have their adoption certificates and boy was that a cool thing, I still loved opening mine to see what the dolls names were!
long before the egg opening videos on you tube crazy the excitement kids feel and the wonderment of the wait is what I think of when I think of opening my first Cabbage patch kid, his name was Samuel and I he was my most favorite doll!
The glasses are so cute on these and the open toe shoes!
oh the joy of this playset! tiny Cabbage Patch doll and the doll play items, I would still have so much fun with this one.
I love the soft look of this all vinyl doll you can even take her in the bath!
 These are new and sweet as can be from the Cabbage Patch line, these are the Adoptimals and I love their sweet faces!
Clearly I should not be let loose in the toy section of the store. Thank you Madelon for sharing these wonderful dolls with us today. Thank you too for joining us today, we would love to hear your Cabbage Patch stories so please feel free to share them with us here in the comment section below or email us at

Thursday, October 19, 2017

New In The Tea Time Fabric Panel Etsy Shop! We Love this!

So excited to see this new pattern in the Tea Time Fabric Panel Etsy shop! I love the color don't you?

These kits come with everything you need to make an outfit you will be so proud of!
Click here to visit the Tea Time Fabric Panel Etsy Shop and order your kit today!
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Madelon's Halloween Etsy Fun Finds From We Little Miracles Etsy Shop

Today I am sharing Madelon's Etsy Fun finds with you and I think you will agree she has a great eye! First up is this Day of the Dead cupcake by We Little Miracles click here for shop and listing.  
How about some doll sized Pumpkin Chocolates? Click here for this listing.
The little Owl cupcakes are cute as can be... 
or the little foxes! 
These are all great finds Madelon thank you for sharing them with us today. We would love to hear from you so please leave us a comment here or email us at

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Madelon's Terrific Tuesday Finds! Barbie Advent (Yes Please!) and OG Pets You Will Love!

I am 42 years old and advent calendars are still one of my most favorite things ever for the holidays. Growing up I would have loved something like this from Barbie! So much so I think I want to buy this for myself! While chocolate calendars are what I grew up with, this one makes me want to give up chocolate in the name of fun and Barbie fashion! Madelon found this one on sale and on the Gilt Website, you can find it by clicking here.

Toys R Us has one listed, not showing the box but what is inside by clicking here.

But that is not all Madelon found, she also was in store at Target and bought her doll family some wonderful new pets!

Okay this one is my favorite!
Great details in these sets!
Priced under $7 these will fly off the shelf for sure at your local Target Store.

Thank you Madelon for these wonderful fun finds!
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Monday, October 16, 2017

Holiday Madness Monday- Week 3

We are on week three of our Holiday Madness Monday and I found this genius holiday outfit you can make from two Santa Hats from the Dollar store!

This tutorial can be found on XOXO GRandma's blog and what a good blog this is and a tutorial that has me thinking why did I not think of this first? Click here for the tutorial you will be thrilled you did! 
This is a very smart and thoughtful tutorial and I am in awe! Click here for XOXO Grandma's Blog

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